Week Ending Nov. 4th

Fund 9 Retrospectives are underway: blurb
  • Task Force note and link
  • A new trustee has been added
  • Results of Petition are in
Outro blurb Any doubts? Suggestions? Let the community know via PA/vPA telegram chat or discord channel here.
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Taskforce blurb

info note on taskforce
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How to get involved

  • Do you want to build something for the QA community or are you contributing in other ways? Check out Section 6 of the Treasury Governance Framework to see if your efforts might overlap with the funding objectives of the PA/vPA Treasury.
  • All claims against the Treasury begin as discussions, and you are encouraged to run ideas by community members, and get tips and pointers on how to structure or submit claims, or just design your own claim and submit it in the main discussion thread. Community members will help you from there.

Trustee update

Note on trustees
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vPA Petitions Process updates

The vPA Petitions Process (documented here) is a limited time and scope process introduced by the community to collect information about issues found during the vPA process, in particular issues around rewards distribution. This information is collated via discussion around "petitions" submitted by community members, and then presented to IOG with a requested outcome. Sometimes the outcomes are realized, sometimes not, but we always learn something that can help us improve the vPA process.
The Fund 9 petitions have been completed and finalized by IOG
  • Petition by Michael Macko
  • Petition by Tomi Astikainen
  • Petition brought against Dimitri Fernando

General QA and Treasury Community updates

note about collaboration notes
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  • A friendly reminder that the Treasury Community has a Code of Conduct and we appreciate anyone engaging in the claims process, working groups or general communication channels for these things to be aware of it and to follow it. It has been designed with a "light touch" and while there is a mediation path provided, it does not currently include an enforcement mechanism, relying instead on the power of an informed community taking responsibility for its own environment. Like all experiments, we will see how it goes. As with all Treasury documentation, there is a process for revising the CoC, which is there to make sure that the conditions required for our participation are always being cultivated.